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A Saturday Song with Nina Simone

A Saturday Song with Nina Simone

The Amazing Nina Simone

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You got trouble in mind? Are you blue? Well, you won’t be blue always. Gonna keep this one simple, because maybe you need a little uplift like I did tonight.

As I was heading home from the job I have to do, looking forward to some rest before going to the job I loveto do, I was getting some uplift from this song coming over the speakers in my car. God, Nina Simone’s…

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One Perfect Thursday Love Poem, with Dorothy Parker

One Perfect Thursday Love Poem, with Dorothy Parker

quotes-oh-life-is-a-glorious_5971-0We’re due for another Thursday Love poem feature, and so in the spirit of “Thursday,” a sort-of love poem by one of my poetic heroines, Edna St. Vincent Millay, I give you a piece from another New York mistress of words and wit, Dorothy Parker.

If you’re not familiar with the Thursday Love Poem feature, just go ahead and enjoy the poem below first, but then go back and click on that Thursdaylink…

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Sterling Brown Speaks 76 Years Later—Ferguson, No Isolated Case

Sterling Brown Speaks 76 Years Later–Ferguson, No Isolated Case

quote-the-sincere-sensitive-artist-willing-to-go-beneath-the-cliches-of-popular-belief-to-get-at-an-sterling-brown-325378I have to avoid the comment sections lately (see word to the wise below), but these last ten days of US newshave been very disturbing to say the least. Not too far in the past one of my own sons was questioned by police officers while he and his friends stood on a curb debating which house was the house of their mutual friend. Nobody had the guts to just go knock and find out. You know, kids can…

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please please please know that it is always ok to ask for help if you or someone you know is battling with depression or suicidal thoughts, there is always someone out there who wants to support you

Yes! Please

"Trouble Needs a Home," by Tori Amos

“Trouble Needs a Home,” by Tori Amos

Meet and greet Tori Amos, held before the conc...

Tori Amos, before a concert in Berlin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A day late for a Saturday song, but what’s the point of letting the calendar rule us, right?

I’m heading to Philadelphia in just a while to see Tori Amos in concert for the second time. I’ve had a few boyfriends who really loved her music, but Brian took the time to introduce me to her in-depth a few years back, and no, one…

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Poetry Excercises: Words, Sounds and Imitation

Poetry Excercises: Words, Sounds and Imitation

51BMg+piBgLI have been posting about the new poetry group that we’ve started at the local library where I find myself so happily employed. Please click back to the last couple posts for a lot more info.

And I thought I’d mention this to you, see if you want to try it. It’s an exercise I’ve freely adapted from The Discovery of Poetry by Frances Mayes, poet and author of Under the Tuscan Sun. We are following…

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This Dalton Day is wonderful!


Actually, it’s not very
to leave the ground.

All you must do,

(which is all I must do as well
we are so much the same particles)

is stop relying on sound.

The sound of your mother slicing
tomatoes, which is untrue.

The sound of your dog entering



quote-poetry-is-an-echo-asking-a-shadow-to-dance-carl-sandburg-162276 So I told you about the new Cross Keys Poetry Society at the library where I work here in my tiny town of Northumberland, Pennsylvania. Click here for part 1 of the story (It’s pretty short, and worth it for the background). I want to post updates about the progress and activities of this part-workshop-part-reading-group here on The Dad Poet for two reasons. 1. I want to have a convenient place…

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Bukowski’s “Nirvana”

Bukowski’s “Nirvana”

David J. Bauman:

Sometimes at the meeting of a poem and an interpretation there is magic.

Originally posted on Poetically Versed:

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Cross Keys Poetry Recap—July, 2014—Part 1

Cross Keys Poetry Recap–July, 2014–Part 1

Cross Keys Poetry Society

The Cross Keys Poetry Society

I’m pleased to report that the first meeting of The Cross Keys Poetry Society was a happy little success. One never knows how many to expect for a new adult program at a public library, or anywhere for that matter, and with less than three weeks to prepare we decided on a show-up, rather than sign-up approach to start.

From the beginning I wanted our group to be…

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