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Bukowski’s “Nirvana”

Bukowski’s “Nirvana”

David J. Bauman:

Sometimes at the meeting of a poem and an interpretation there is magic.

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Cross Keys Poetry Recap—July, 2014—Part 1

Cross Keys Poetry Recap–July, 2014–Part 1

Cross Keys Poetry Society

The Cross Keys Poetry Society

I’m pleased to report that the first meeting of The Cross Keys Poetry Society was a happy little success. One never knows how many to expect for a new adult program at a public library, or anywhere for that matter, and with less than three weeks to prepare we decided on a show-up, rather than sign-up approach to start.

From the beginning I wanted our group to be…

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What Poems to Choose?

What Poems to Choose?


I have been preparing all week for the first meeting of the Cross Keys Poetry Society. We’re meeting at the Priestley-Forsyth Memorial Library where I have been working these last few months. It’s the former site of the Cross Keys Inn here in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. You can imagine that I’m both excited and nervous. They’ve asked me to do poetry for adults at the library. I’m thrilled, and…

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Three Poems in the Tic Toc Anthology

Three Poems in the Tic Toc Anthology

Me, not writing a poem.

Me, not writing a poem.

Recently I mentioned that three of my poems appeared alongside the work of Jason Allen and June’s featured poet Brian Fanelli in Contemporary American Voices. If you haven’t checked them out yet, please do.  The July issue is almost here, so for our poems in June click here.

But it’s a great little journal to follow, so be sure to bookmark it. I was tickled to find quite…

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The Post Father’s Day Father’s Day Post

The Post Father’s Day Father’s Day Post


Photo Credit: Backblaze Blog

Just a little journal-ing here today, old-school, Journalspace-style, and very sparsely edited. Does anyone remember Journalspace? That’s where I had my blog before it was mainstream to really call them blogs. After MySpace, before Facebook, back in the early part of this (still rather young) century many of less trendy net writers were keeping “online journals”…

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New Poems in Contemporary American Voices

New Poems in Contemporary American Voices


Not My Library, but cool, eh? (Photo credit: Geoff Coupe)

As well as Readings, Zines and Libraries

I mentioned some of my recent doings briefly this morning via a reblog before flying from the library job to the restaurant (Have I told you I got the library job? Sorry, but thank you for being happy for me!), but I wanted to slow down and take a little time to give you an update myself.


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Scranton ZineFest

David J. Bauman:

Brian Fanelli has made the two blog posts I wanted to make this week, so I’m just going to point your reading glasses in his direction for the information about ZineFest in Scranton this weekend where I will have the fun of reading with him and several other poets. He has all the information here, including the ZineFest home page, the schedule and a link to our bios, so check it…

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When Great Trees Fall, Remembering Maya Angelou

When Great Trees Fall, Remembering Maya Angelou

Dr. Maya Angelou Visits Wheelock College, Octo...

Maya Angelou at Wheelock College, October 1988

Like many of us, I gasped when I saw the news on Wednesday morning. I was just up getting my coffee, checking my email, and there it was, a simple headline from NPR, “Maya Angelou, Poet, Activist And Singular Storyteller, Dies At 86.” Just two days prior I had read her updated Facebook status about how she regretted missing the Major League Baseball…

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Oh, she got some criticism for this, but be sure to read the bit about the diner that inspired this poem, and keep your sense of humor about you. Dr. Maya Angelou had one heck of a smile too. God, we’ll miss her.

William Shakespeare Is Now Following You

William Shakespeare Is Now Following You

So this happened. I checked my email to see the following notification: “William Shakespeare is now following you on Twitter!” 

Correct me if I am in error, but I think that’s a pretty high-profile follower. Not bad for a poet-blogger who’s been on hiatus for most of National Poetry Month. Eh?

If only he didn’t tweet so much about football. All I know about football (like American Soccer) is that…

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